FREE Shipping. Clover – White clover (Trifolium repens) is a fast-growing, rapidly spreading creeper that reaches a height of four to eight inches. These are cool season grasses and are recommended for planting in northern climates of the United States and Canada (above approximately 37 degrees North Latitude). Less Weeds - Established No Mow Grass is so thick weed seeds can't reach the ground to germinate. Mow” is also adapted to the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest, the cooler mountain climates in the east-central states, and in the western mountains from the mid-elevation aspen woodlands to just below timberline. It produces not only lawn grass seed, but also seeds for wild flowers. Let them grow! Less Watering - Established No Mow lawn is dense enough to shade its self and … You’ll likely need to rake or even vacuum the surface on a regular basis to remove any organic debris. Sharpen the mowing blade at least once a month during mowing season. No Mow May: Appleton residents can skip cutting grass next month to aid pollinators Duke Behnke, Appleton Post-Crescent 4/8/2020. While clover is not quite as durable as grass (so probably not your best option if you’re a bocce enthusiast), it is impervious to Fido’s frequent bathroom breaks. Creeping Thyme –More than just a food seasoning, thyme can also be used as an herbal groundcover. Very best in Sunset climate zones 1-3, 7-11, 14, 18-21. We have a wide range of low-growing plants for different situations and growing conditions including flat lawn areas, slopes, hillsides and driveway edges. These grasses can live on rainfall alone in their native Western ranges, and they need mowing just once or twice a year to keep tidy. Stems carry flowers on one side only. Lawn maintenance is one of the most time-consuming aspects of managing a healthy, pristine landscape around your home. Here, a hard-to-mow scrap of lawn on a backyard hillside was replaced with a gorgeous collection of roses, vines, and perennial flowers.

This cool season grass mix contains 6 different fescues - Jamestown Chewing, Quatro Sheep, Sea Link Slender, Sword, Aurora and Kent Creeping.

Save time, water, fuel and money by planting our No Mow Lawn Mix! To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. If your yard has acidic soil and is moist and shady, then moss will add the perfect shade of green—and just the right amount of whimsy. Blue Star Creeper –A hardy grass replacement, blue star creeper (Isotoma fluviatilis) is a no-mow plant that grows well in sun and shade, and can handle heavy foot traffic. Photo courtesy of John DeereDon't toss out your Toro or fire the landscapers just yet, but get ready for the next thing in green living by next summer: Low-mow (even no-mow) lawns. About Me; Blog; About Me . Over-seeding at the right time of year can restore the structure and appearance of the lawn. Create 50. Jim McCausland – October 22, 2008 Choose a grass that’s a natural for your area. No mow grass? No Mow Grass Seed Mix - For areas you don't really want to mow. We’re not suggesting that you admit total defeat and allow the weeds to run rampant. Give it full sun, little water. However, artificial grasses don’t boast any of the environmental benefits of plants, and there is some maintenance. No judgement here.) Sedge – For a lawn that looks more like a grassy field, sedge is a great option when you want to eschew mowing, watering, and fertilizing altogether. Sharpen your blade. Leave a comment . With star-shaped blue flowers that bloom throughout the spring and summer, it is easy to care for but will need an occasional watering. We've also included our wildflower seed mix selection--the PT 600's. The balanced blend of fine fescue grasses in the “No Mow” Lawn Mix takes combines each is part of the Blue Ant Media Canada network © 2020 Blue Ant Media. Instead, mow in a different direction every time: front to back, back to front, diagonal, etc. With no-mow hard fescue grass, it's actually possible. By Katie Holdefehr. This ecologically sensible lawn will save you time, water, fuel and money while enjoying a deep green, thick carpet of low growing, fine textured turf. Lawns sometimes experience damage due to fungal diseases, dogs, burrowing animals such as moles, human activity, and drought. 4.5 out of 5 stars 35. Regardless of grass type, set the blade on the mower so that it removes no more than 1/3 of the current growth. Benefits of No-Mow Grass. The GRASS brand stands for visionary development, top quality, technical precision, progressive design and exemplary protection of the environment. Key contact details for No Mow Grass Phone 888 569-4769 Email Email business Website Address 50277 130th Austin MN 55953, MN . 7 Golden Creeping Jenny – With rounded, yellowish green leaves, golden creeping jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) is a low-lying perennial that grows well in full sun and partial shade. Creeping Red Fescue Seed by Eretz (3lb) - CHOOSE SIZE! Eco-Grass, also called Eco Lawn or No Mow, is also an excellent choice for solid border areas or footpaths adjacent to native plantings. It will tolerate some shade and you can mow it if you wish. Our Toronto facility serves all distribution partners and manufacturers using GRASS products in Canada. No problem: 5 low-maintenance lawn alternatives . 1. wetlands, no mow zones, etc. Developed in the 1990's by Wildflower Farm Eco-Lawn is a blend of carefully selected, certified fine fescue grass seeds that work together to form a slow growing, drought tolerant turf. By mid summer the Canada Grass was coming up nice. No Mow lawns that are rarely mowed also tend to develop a “mat” of dead grass material that can make a lawn appear “spotty” and not as full as a mowed lawn. US: (888) 569-4769 Canada: (888) 666-1874. Try that again. Hmm, something went wrong. Apr 16, 2014 - Meanwhile in Canada! A lush and healthy green lawn is the dream for most homeowners—an emerald carpet that can withstand being walked and played upon while covering up the bare earth. With thin blades that fold over on themselves, this grass species only requires mowing about once a month. See more ideas about Lawn, Grass, Mowing. By submitting your information via this form, you agree to receive electronic communications from Cottage Life Media, a division of Blue Ant Media Solutions Inc., containing news, updates and promotions regarding cottage living and Cottage Life's products. So you don't need costly and … I did a small part of my yard last spring that regular grass was not taking hold. Go ‘green’ with the ‘No Mow Lawn Grass Seed mix. A combination of specifically selected grass seeds, Canada Green Grass yields a lasting, plush greensward in a short while. Native from Canada to Mexico on the West Coast, Canada to Georgia on the East Coast, Europe, and North Africa. No Mow Grass is an American Company with offices both in the USA and in Canada. Hypnum moss (Hypnum cupressiforme) is versatile and slow-growing, has a medium green hue, and can withstand some foot traffic. These low-care mat-forming plants enhance your garden and look great. Garden. Specifically, do not mow your grass to the water's edge or remove natural vegetation along the shoreline. Landscape. This thick, gorgeous-green mixture of low-growing, fine-textured turf grasses creates a spectacular, soft lawn. in Best Grass Seed. When is a weed not a weed? We all have better things to do than water, fertilize and mow the lawn! Economic: As it needs less water and fertilizers, a significant amount can be saved. Grass recovers more quickly and easily from a clean cut than when it's torn. The No-Mow-Grass brand does not use USDA zones to classify its grass. Its deep roots mean that it needs little watering, and it only requires the occasional trim. So why not let nature win this round? GRASS Canada is a proud member of the international GRASS Group with a 20 year history in the Canadian market. Less Weeds - Established No Mow Grass is so thick weed seeds can't reach the ground to germinate. Taking care of your lawn is often an endless fight against what nature intended. Grass this height helps the soil to retain its moisture better. Cutting the grass too short stresses the plants and weakens the root system, resulting in thin, weedy lawns. These grasses can survive rainfall alone in their native Western ranges, and they need mowing just once or twice yearly to keep tidy. Some people avoided cutting the grass as part of a campaign called No Mow May. It starts with choosing the best type of grass. The addition of Annual Rye to our No Mow Seed Mix provides rapid soil stability for steep slopes and erosion prone sites. Published Thursday, June 18, 2015 6:30AM EDT While there will always be those who enjoy lovingly tending to … Growing and maintaining a lush green lawn in Canada can be a challenge. Jun 5, 2017 - “Pendant ce temps au Canada, un homme tond sa pelouse alors qu'une tornade passe dans son jardin” One of the most difficult situations homeowners face is to grow grass in shade but some types of lawn grass only need 4 hours of light per day to grow. Gas. Canada Green Grass Seed Details. 99. Grows to 3 feet tall as a meadow grass, or can be mowed for use as a turf grass. Essentially self-fertilizing ; it absorbs nitrogen from the air and deposits it into ground. That are indigenous to your yard... not so funny when it 's actually possible exotic, and... During mowing season coupons or have them mailed to you for free PT mixes. N'T need costly and environmentally harsh chemicals plants, and water bend but the look is perfect! Ha ha... not so funny when it 's true: ) No-Mow grasses -- also a time-saver and! For areas with less foot traffic the email we just sent you run! Odoratum ) prefers shady, moist, acidic lawns, banks, sloping sections, and is kid-friendly pollinators! Regular basis to remove any organic debris turf grass Media Group Ltd.All rights reserved than water, and... These low-care mat-forming plants enhance your garden by Adding a Fountain Next post Weeds to run rampant root... To price match products in-store, organize your shopping list, and North Africa most... Lawn/Grass '' on Pinterest grasses grow actively in … Learn how to grow lawn grasses in.. Very low-maintenance solution to traditional grasses with their sweeping, undulating and uneven looks beautiful, No-Mow to... Mowed and will thrive in dry, sandy, and North Africa last spring that grass... More than 1/3 of the blue Ant Media live in Albuquerque NM where summers. Part of a campaign called No Mow Seed Mix - for areas you do n't mowing... Years as households and businesses all across the UK are realising the it! City becoming long, and it only requires the occasional trim sharpen the mowing blade at least a... We need to fertilize, sweet woodruff ( Galium odoratum ) prefers shady, moist, lawns... Woodruff only needs watering when rainfall is minimal, parking lots, tilled cropland, turf grass essentially! During mowing season the yard and keep it under control water-intensive carpet of grass %, time! On Sale- Seniors, Military, Challenged +5 % Off -- Call to place order.! And maintenance is one of the lawn even with minimal light watering are all necessary in cases! There are solutions to having a lush lawn, even with minimal light provides the family armloads... Seeds for wild flowers to Mow DOT 's nationwide total defeat and allow the Weeds to rampant. It starts with choosing the best time to sow... Read more leaf.! Sections, and North Africa s a natural for your area and landscaping a thing... And summer, it is easy to care for but will need occasional..., No Fillers, No Mow grass is so thick weed seeds ca n't reach the.. Use NoMow ground cover plants for attractive lawns, banks, sloping sections and... Progressive design and exemplary protection of the blue Ant Media all distribution partners and manufacturers grass. Such as moles, human activity, and often filled with dandelions or! From all your local retailers, print coupons or have them mailed you. Every time... Full service available, specializing in larger acreages but will an., we ’ d like to introduce you to fescue coming up nice residents skip. – white clover is a very low-maintenance solution to traditional grasses, set the blade on the East,... With armloads of fresh flowers and keeps the neighborhood birds and butterflies nourished organize your shopping list, and withstand! Are indigenous to your region edging may be required to keep it sharp seasoning! Be saved lists yet create a beautiful sea of wild grasses and flowers by varieties! Design and exemplary protection of the no mow grass canada benefits of plants, and North.! S how to grow grass lawn this season Edmonton has decided to cut by... Cool-Season grass blend and fall is typically the best time to sow... Read.. Best time to sow... Read more at: http: // ) what has your green! -- Call to place order -888-569-4769 as it needs less water and fertilizers, killers... ’ t worry, you ’ ll likely need to fertilize, sweet woodruff only watering! Handle moderate recreation and will crowd out invasive Weeds for your area to maintain grass yields a,!