Every fibre of this super-smart fabric is protected. Then phone cutted off due to my airtime finished.. Kg called back and said he passed on the message they will call me back, which I really appreciated cause he got back to asap. The bedroom suite was delivered last month and till this day there has been no money deposited into my account. Now my problem or question is, is it possible if we can get other couches not those because they will peel off again. I am hereby lodging a formal complaint regarding this issue. 2018 February we bought couches at Bradlows Maponya Mall for 36, 096.95, ACC [protected]. MR B Ahmed, Good day. The bed is still not delivered and I have been calling the store since last week and they keep on saying that they will find out what”s happening with the delivery and get back to me but no one has done that. we were approached by a friendly salesman and told him what we were looking for to place as a layby. We are willing to pay the difference. Does Bradlowss not want business anymore? Good day I opened an account at bradlows southgate branch, everything was finalized on the 31st of October 2019. When I googled jd group, there are a lot of cases of investigation with this exact same issue, and yet you are still doing it. I bought a 4 piece bedroom suit in December 2012 & paid cash for it, bradlows delivered only the headboard, mirror, a chair & told me that they have run out of the kist that came with the bedroom suit.Its been 2 months now & no responds, when I call the manager she says there is nothing she can do cause she”s still waiting for papers from the factory that prove that indeed I didn”t receive the kist.So I wanted to know from the head office should I involve the lawyers cause clearly they are ripping me off, of something I paid for in cash!My email is [protected]@gmail.com, I bought a bed, washing machine and a stove from bradlows rustenburg on 5 march 2017, even today they havent brought my stuff. they were having several issues with the system when we wanted to place a layby amount. just after being told it takes 7-14 days, little did i know i will wait more than a month to get my money back!! I am very disappointed, bought the lounge suite have been paying with no fail, September i reported the same problem the fetch the 3 seater and it came back the reclyner was not working properly i told the guys who were delivering but nothing has been done, my 2Seater is cracking 2 and its not even a year i bought the lounge suite, i bought this lounge suite for my mother now she is stressed the money I”m paying in not near the quality you are selling I”m very disappointed. To enter, watch the video below and tell us which Grafton Everest lounge suites Bradlows stocks. it does not matter if a low amount of money, it still belongs to me. HolySmoke.org does not edit or remove any aspect of the report and is simply a consumer grievance free-speech platform. Even now they trying to debit from my bank account.I received sms saying that i need to deposit money into my account to ensure that the debit order goes through. Good day, Bought a leather suite cash for r19000.00 end of 2016 bradlow’s paarl 1. I am very disappointed with the lounge that my husband and I bought at Bradlows in 2014 . Sophia branch manager in postmasburg said tje suppliers had already closed i should came back in January. The recliner chair has collapsed springs and although the guarantee is 7 years neither Grafton Everest (the maker) or the seller Bradlows appear to be in the slightest bit interested in fixing this problem. Grafton Everest recliners. Delivery usually takes between 3 to 15 working days, Monday to Friday (excluding weekends and public holidays) on condition your order is placed and confirmation and payment is received. I purchased a 3 piece Wall unit for R9000 cash from Bradlows Kempton Park on the 11th of November 2016. Now the recliner chair is slowly collapsing probably due to shoddy workmanship. Secondly when she assists us she is not clear on the lay-by process and many other things, however when we proceed to do the paperwork we were introduced to another grumpy Indian lady who was not welcoming at all. Next day salesman person came to fix the problem, the rubbers anyone could see its not new, not in any packaging. The chairman of Yamaha India who is leading the company to its demise, Fooling Inventors and Stealing from Innocents, Stay a thousand miles away from Jason Bond Picks. 2015 Grafton Everest remains the go-to brand where style, comfort and quality are concerned with a rich African collection in the making. I doubt very much if this is a correct way of dealing with your loyal clientele. It was never moved to anywhere. When you return the item it takes more than four weekd just to raplace the leather and when the spring disconnect it also take forever to fix them. 3. It”s Bradlows Cape Town. Has a customer a followed protocol and once gain logged a complaint with my sale rep only to find out that the same principle apply which will in-convenience my family and I. It”s now world cup season and my family and I send a lot of time sitting around the television watching the games and having family time, it will be will be tremendously disappointing and once again an inconvenient to the family. Grafton Everest's range is known to provide some of the most comfortable seating available. Now I am being told to pay for the repairs of this. of such things as consumer rights and protection. Competition runs from 1 April to 30 April 2018, Ts and Cs apply. Thank u Jacqueline y Irshwadhar [protected]. I refuse to be spoken to in a way like that and to be cheated out of my deposit money!! The Nevada is a high back, reclining suite that has excellent neck, back and shoulder support. Can I please receive urgent assistance, because when I call the store the lady Pearl advised that she cannot get hold of head office, why is head office there If I may ask. R 12 000. Any and all opinions and information are published as is. Good Morning I Desmond Pillay [protected]). Reduced price 30+ days ago. An informed consumer is capable of making sensible decisions, gains insight about a business prior to an interaction or transaction. You have charged us r1207.50. With strict standardisation measures, attention to detail and an eye for design, we’ve set the standards for comfort, quality and style. its amazing how when a client miss their monthly installment they get a reminder over and over and over from the store to pay! MR. JJG Bam [protected] [protected] Gerrie. Please return it and I will rather find other ways of dealing with this matter. I asked when will the bed be delivered he said he will get back to me but he didn”t do that, I called yesterday he was off and the lady that was assisting me with the account opening was also off. This has to be worst service I have received in my entire life, SIMPLY CAUSE there”s no communication I am the one that needs to keep phoning you, this is really not on. Good day I have send from A to Z regarding my query. localIP: New management took over and realised that something isnt right, they phoned me this morning and the way they spoke to me is actually revolting!!! I bought a brown leather couches in Bradlows and very dissapointed with the quality- Leather cracks, springs disconnect.I have been returning them for the 4th time now. The reviews & complaints posted about Bradlows Furniture was submitted by a member or guest on this website. After a conversation with the business manager Thabiso Mphahlele, we agreed that they will replace the wall unit within 7 days, of which failure will result in a full refund. The problem started again we reported the matter they sent people to come and collect them for repairs for the second time . Don't Miss Out as Bradlows Offers Outstanding Quality in Home Furniture to Enhance Your Home. Its the 28th to date and i had not heard from her since the last communication. Grafton Everest remains the go-to brand where style, comfort and quality are concerned with a rich African collection in the making. They were aggressive in their mannerisms as well as defensive when asked questions about speaking to some sort of management for clarity. Grafton Everest electronically operated recliner for sale. My cell number is [protected]. A lady by the name of Amanda then came to us and said that if we were not happy with what they were telling us we can leave. I told him that ive been waiting for him for the whole week and am at work i cannot knock off early to recieve the gooods. Pathetic at all. Is it fair that I receive items today and tomorrow my account is debited? I reported to your store that the screws of the dressing table are coming off the doors and mirrors. I hope yoy can assist in this matter. I bought the 6 seater (3+2+1) grafton everest couches/sofas from Bradlows, Broadhurst branch, Gaborone-Botswana in March last year and they do carry a warranty of 5 years if not mistaken. Bad Products and the service is outrageous. 4. I am paying a lt of money in installments, but now I am expected to pay for the damages that I am not responsible of. Nothing was done. The sales lady asked if we needed assistance and we responded that we were just browsing. I cancelled all my plans for the day waiting for them to deliver till 16:00pm I called the store to find out what”s going on.. The Torca lounge suite is a large suite with fibre filled backrest which will not compress ensuring you get a comfortable seating experience. Grafton Everest - wide range of couches, recliners, armchairs & recliners to choose from. View products in 360°, customise & request quotes.. I called them again on Saturday 26th and he told he is still waiting for his manager to get back to him. The ranges are designed for those who wish to invest in quality and comfort. The Grafton Everest Flop Collection will allow you to create your dream living room. Our isuue was that if we were putting down a deposit, it should bring down the monthly installments and apparently that cannot be done 1. Good Day Two months ago my husband and I were window shopping for a lounge suite and went into bradlows in chatsworth, durban. Randburg. [protected]@gmail.com, Good day, I purchased a bedroom suite at the Alberton Branch in May 2018, only received it in July 2018 and now they have an amount of R899.00 that needs to be paid to me. Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, these single recliners boast high-quality foam, Dacron and spring systems. 3pc grafton everest sofa set in good condition . I would like to change the whole set as it is giving me ongoing problems. The Grafton Everest journey has been one of innovation and evolution. I bought a lounge suite at Bradlows Springs and I was promised that if I buy for R9999 I will receive a certain percentage discount.But when I asked about my discount, I was told it was capped…okay fine I payed my products off and ask again I was told they dont have any knowledge of that.Now my lounge suite has’nt finished a second year, and the leather is peeling off and they need to be stuffed.Tell me spending lso much money thinking you buying quality. Every recliner hosts an internationally acclaimed mechanism and is built for quality, comfort and stability. The store has resubmitted /overwritten the application and the new instalment is less. That means that Grafton Everest is celebrating its diamond jubilee this year, and it is definitely not failing to make the … Gauteng. My husband has been approved for a car worth r1mill. Hi Khetha here I am not happy with the service I have been getting from Bradlows/Morkels regards to the death claim I made with them, early June I made a death claim for the late Makhosazana [protected] at Bradlows/Morkels in Vosloorus I left all the necessary documentation with them then on the 8th of June I received an SMS stating the claim was received from JDG insurance with a ref: FLO-170607-6jt, I then called [protected] that was on the SMS alerting me about the claim i spoke to the lady by the name of lindiwe she said to me the claim was to be processed but they will phone if there”s anything needed till today no word from JDG I then emailed new documents to Neo on the 28th June 2017, on the 29 June 2017 I sent Neo an email to find if he did receive the email I sent to him but no reply from Neo. I’ve reported again as the doors was not properly closed, the screws and hinches were loose doors were broken down. As the largest manufacturer of lounge furniture in South Africa, we offer a vast selection of comfortable, high quality, stylish lounge suites. Which i did on the 10th of January 2019 went back to report it she told me in Dec that supplier would come and fetch amp from my home, which never happened i had to take to the branch my self. Again the problem started after sometime then I decided to remove the plastic that covers the couch under neath to see what was happening there I was very shocked to see bits and pieces of sponges that were there and the was a spring that was loose which was tightened with hard black string see photo attached. This is false advertisement by Bradlows, All i wanted is to close my account, i called in on the 31 August 2019 to get a settlement amount which i was given and i paid on the same day and requested the account to be closed …ALL TO FIND THAT WAS NOT DONE. Where will we sit? I called on Monday again and I spoke to the store manager and he said that the bed was out of stock but no one told me that when I was buying the bed coz I could have picked another one. My instalment should be R1883 at per the attached contract. We have both household and life insurance so they removed that from the quote. If you’re looking for ultimate comfort and laid-back luxury, then our iconic collection will ensure that you can bring home the ultimate lounging experience. R900 Tv cabinet with spare glassR Sony home theatre R Grafton everest lounge suite R KIC Fridge R Bed R Car port R Pioneer 6 by W R200 Weight plates 10kg 2 5kg 4 2.5kg 8 1.5kg kg 4 1kg 8 0.5kg cm bar and dumbbell handles with bench. This is very frustrating and very pathetic, if I knew I was gonna get this kind of service I would not have opened that account. The manager said they will replace them but will no longer be able to repair again because we have paid them already. Find the best Grafton Everest Lounge price! 2. Hi. Salesman could not de assemble the seat, called the manager to get the assemble person but he bluntly refused. Block B Fancourt Office Park Flestead Street, North Riding. Informed the manager and said he will be get the rubbers from the factory.Rubbers came manager called me and said they will be at my home the next day at 08:30 the morning i waited till 16:00 and phoned, then the salesman explained why he could not come, (Is the customer not first?) The La Scalla is a typical traditional 3 action recliner lounge suite that is upholstered in a hard wearing leather look fabric. Im selling my Grafton Everest Genuine Leather lounge suite set. My contact details is [protected]. In 2015 I bought a grafton and everest Cambridge lounge suit from Bradlows Newcastle. And on purchase I was mislead and told that it was genuine leather however then Bradlows Southgate changes they statement and says its not as they know they have sold me a low quality product for over R30000 rand. Credit was approved, we get the documents and see that they have added on insurance and life insurance without discussing with us. The sales woman then comes and to where we were and aggressively speaks to the sales man and says to him that we are her customers which was not true. I have never in seen such shocking service in my life, I am having a party on 29th of September but will not have a lounge suite however every month I am paying for something which I do not have. Wow i sumbmitted a letter to bradlows as confirmed by mt lawyer and its been almost 2 weeks now theu dont respond. Hi I bought Roma 3PCE Action Reclining Lounge Suit in Burgersfort branch in August and it came with loose stitches, I went to the branch to complain sofa was taken for repair, I told them that I want to upgrade to new set of sofas cause I”m not happy with the current one that I”ve received no one is willing to help. Sales person user number is [protected] account number: 1977212, customer no: 2575560. I bought a Bedroom room suite on the 13th of February, It was delivered 3 days after the purchase and has had problems since day 1. The home of South Africa's best loved furniture, case goods and sleep brands including Sealy, King Koil, Lazyboy, Grafton Everest and more Please enlighten me, or is that how things are done at bradlows? i took couches and a queen size bed and i”m enjoying them, but your loyalty is the only that will make me not to take anything else from your stores. The wall unit was delivered on the 25 of November 2016. i am now told to go again, with all the credit application docs. For those who like to kick back and relax. I bought a furniture from Bradlows in Pinetown. With a wide array of colours, textures and fashions, we have no doubt that you’ll find the perfect covering for you. My name is lucky on [protected] Ive opened an account for a king seally bead at Protea Glen Soweto … i was told that it can take between 3 and 5 working days to complete the account application process… i was approved and after 14 working days of constantly calling and visiting the branch. Gomma Gomma is a beloved South African brand, proudly bringing masterful craftmanship and enduring quality into homes for over 30 years.Unique styling and techniques set Gomma Gomma apart and remain at the heart of our Heritage, Classic and Designer Ranges. Durban, Kwazulu Natal. After more fights i got PART of my money back but they refused to pay back my deposit of R5000! That bedroom suit has been there since it was delivered by your own people. Till now we still waiting for the couch. I bought a 3 pce Saville Grafton Everest lounge suite from Bradlows, Port Shepstone – order number: 2246156, Customer: [protected] during 2017. They are rude if you go to ask them about a log. This is been going on for like months nd months. Reason for selling is it's too big for the area it's in. On top of the that service fee isn”t allowed to exceed r50, you”ve charged us r69… What is going on??? I went to fetch the laptop on the 1st of November and they said the bed will be delivered over the weekend or Monday. R 10 500 . The problem is while the furniture is being loaded and offloaded it gets in a worse condition. When I told them about this they said that I must wait because it usually takes about 72 Hours for the money to be processed but weeks have passed now and I still haven”t received anything, please advise. I bought a 3 pce Saville Grafton Everest lounge suite from Bradlows, Port Shepstone - order number: 2246156, Customer: [protected] during 2017. I sent the guy a text telling asking if he will bring the stuff he said he sent them back to the warehouse. Just yesterday we were told the couch will be delivered and didn”t go to work and were told they are out of the warehouse and in the truck with the delivery guys. Please rectify this issue. Even now I paid up my account, still I”m getting frustrated smses. Regards, Nobuntu Nqandende [protected] From: Nqandende, N. (Nobuntu) Sent: Friday, 28 June 2019 09:30 To: Financial Services Query Marlboro Subject: FW: Mrs NOBUNTU NQANDENDE Acc No : [protected] Bradlows : BRADLOWS MITCHELLS PLAIN Please see the attached, overwrite done on the 22 June 2019 From: Nqandende, N. (Nobuntu) Sent: Wednesday, 26 June 2019 10:27 To: Financial Services Query Marlboro Subject: RE: Mrs NOBUNTU NQANDENDE Acc No : [protected] Bradlows : BRADLOWS MITCHELLS PLAIN Good day Kindly check your records under my name. I phoned the store thrice already and then they just say they are waiting on stock from the supplier. Stand a chance to win a Grafton Everest Lounge Suite valued at R18000! R. Curtains. We left the store and said we will return the next day when the system was up and running. I have been phoning the store I don’t know how many times. When I logdeg a complaint I was told my guarantee is expired I need to pay for the repairs. I immediately called the sales man by the name Yakhu and I explained the situation to him and said he will speak to his manager ( Thabiso Mphahlele) and revert back to me. They declined me and the reason for it was affordability. About 3 weeks ago I laid a complain about the springs of the bed hurting and giving me back problems which is painful, I think the springs came lose or damaged which I have this bed for almost 6 months now . and I was told by the store that my first payment will then be July. 2 rubbers were missing on the 3 seater and made marks on my laminated floor. The contrast stitch detail enhances the suite. Hello my name is Bulelwa I bought a washing machine from Bradlows in September 2018, I explained to them that I was in between houses about to move in a new apartment so I requested they wait for me to settle in terms of delivery however they phoned me every day asking when can they deliver even though I explained my situation. . In 2017 my husband bought leather look couches for 18900 on credit. Until this date the fridge is not fixed and the freezer side is not working now, I wasted so much air time with no help from Bradlows but every month they deduct the instalment. The service from bradlows delivery is poor and no one in the management seem to have any way of resolving it. Sales order no 3173342. I therefore fail to understand that it is of my own negligence. I bought a dining room suit which was advertised as coming with a free table. We’ve been making furniture for over 60 years and our master craftsmen who remain today have over 2 decades of passion and experience. There is a Hisense 516Ltr SBS Fridge H670SG that you are advertising on line for R6999.95 and is valid until 14 January 2017. I went out crying and in anger. I have one question do I have to pay for their mistakes or should I pay for making a mistake buying a furniture from Bradlows please assist I am very disappointed. The recliner chair has collapsed springs and although the guarantee is 7 years neither Grafton Everest (the maker) or the seller Bradlows appear to be in the slightest bit interested in fixing this problem. Why is it that Store managers don”t want to assist clients when they have complaints about the staff. Grafton Everest launches a range of motion furniture; iMove is a new concept to the South African furniture industry. So sad that you didn”t even suggest to change them but repair them i do not know why… I kindly ask you guys to pls bring them back will see what we will do with them since your service is poor and do not respect customers… Call Ntsako [protected] We are not happy unless you refund us, Good day My ID no: [protected] I am Precious Thandeka Zondi & I made cancelation for couches on the 24th of April & I was told that I”ll receive my money on the 2nd of May but still I haven”t although I made a complain about it and further requested they should attend my calls but no one has responded. shit service !!! They did after a fight. Hi, My name is Johannes. Good day i”m really disappointed with your service since u took back my couches for repair since october but the couches has never returned back… Your stuff is nolonger quality and i won”t recommend anyone to you. With a sturdy frame, this range offers quality, comfort and stability. Me being a paying customer of Bradlows feather request that the 3 piece Cambridge be credited in-order for me to pick a different brand which will hopefully be of better quality. As such, HolySmoke.org cannot be held liable for the complaints and reviews posted about Bradlows Furniture as per Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. I’m desperate I’ve even reached the point whereas I feel I don’t need this furniture anymore and I just want my money back or call me to choose new furniture but then they refused both of my offers and said the head office will decide. They came with another one which after several attempts of getting any help but it was also faulty. It is disgusting behaviour from the Female staff of Bradlows Chatsworth and we should get some sort of apology for their rude and arrogant behaviour. hello its Noxolo here I bought a bedroom suite 4 years ago at mafikeng bradlows, so I love my bedroom suite I just wantto know if bradlows can help its has dents now and the drawers are coming out but its still in good condition I just want ti fix it, I want to know if u can help and how much cna u charge? Hi, I have settled my account on December 2017. 2. I had to make that call, no-one from the shop called to inform me that they won’t come still that day. I wont recommend anyone buying from this shop! After numerous fights I cancelled the buy. I Purchased a Silver Defy 323 Lt Fridge / Freezer unit around the black Friday -2019. I want a refund of the money paid to date and Bradlows can keep their bad lounge suite. I am very disappointed because every month they deduct their money from my bank account but now i”m paying for something that I don”t have and if I don”t phone them I don”t hear anything from them which is totally unaccepted.The reference number for the product complaint is MOSN-[protected]-30. currencyCode: R. promoRSP: No Promo. The next day when I went to the store for documentation signing, the sales person chowed me a new lounge suite that just hit the market, and she told me it is the first of it's kind and therefore there's no other stock available of the grafton Everest. I still had to be the 1 calling in seing that there feedback paid up letter …woow wat [censored] service offered by consultants who are not even willing to help, worse part to be told that there are no managers available nor even reference numbers for calls …, BAD SERVICE &UNPROFFESIONAL I”m so disappointed with Bradlows my mother log incident for the Defy fridge that was make a bad noise and on the 05/02/2019 I called them on behalf on my mom with this ref no Mo- DEFY ********** 5-5593 they promise they will send a technician to came and have a look on the fridge they gave me turn around time of 7 working days. Protect your new furniture against life’s spills and stains by choosing IntelliClean Fabrics. We bought a black leather Grafton Everest 5 seater from bradlows whi... ch was then Morkels in December 2015 which came with a 15yr waranty and started cracking 4years later. The new set did the exact same thing. 3-2-1 layout. Are you just trying to rip the consumer off? Now my husband applied and he was also approved. On 15/06/2018 a second set was delivered which disappointed me even feather reason being there are a number of defect on all three pieces, Which is listed on the CRM/ODITY complaints document from the delivery person which is found in attachment. Our Reclining Suites are made up of single recliners and full suites –  complete with a mechanism that meets international development standards. R 4 999,99 2 weeks in a row we are told the couch will be delivered and we skip work for that day and no couch gets delivered. It”s with great regret and disappointment to inform you”ll that my purchase of a Cambridge 3 pc suite which was delivered and returned due to quality defects on two occasions. The headboard has also came off the the pedestals. We have a range of sofa and armchairs available to turn your house into a home. I have been receiving calls from Morkels on my mother”s phone regards to payments even though I have reported that she is late, I phoned JDG – Neo on the 12 July 2017 to find out what”s holding the claim from been processed he tells me the branch(Vosloorus) have not sent the necessary document I signed when I came to the store to make the claim, can someone tell me what to do now cause I still receive calls from Morkels. Choose the right style for your home. At first I chose a different suite from the one I got. This suite is complimented with a one seater chair that can layflat for you to get into a comfortable position to sleep or just lay back and relax, the suite also has two chairs that can recline for you and our family the Opportunity to recline and relax after a long day. It seems like theres an attitude of not caring if you lose a potential customer. 2162. Evry week its the same askuus the supplier are delaying and her staffmembers Roline had an huge attitude today with my wife when she went for follow up as the amp is still on the spot were we left it in the shop. Is that the way staff are meant to talk to customers trying to make a purchase for the first time at the store. I’ve reported that the good was not in good condition for many times.They fixed the goods at home for three times already. Them already that it is giving me ongoing problems of couches, recliners, armchairs recliners. In midrand have no idea what they are still doing business with that supplier development. Bradlows promised to come asap but still services are bad and it ’ s the week... And everytime the same mistake of buying from Bradlows since August, with... Of making sensible decisions, gains insight about a business prior to an interaction or.... Decided to bring a new concept to the warehouse about speaking to some sort of management clarity! Month and till this day there has been approved for a while now a wearing. To 30 April 2018, Ts and Cs apply ; Gianni 2 piece lounge... Me that there service department has not opened as yet and she will communicate it with then asap what. Comfort and stability off again but they refused to pay for the second time acclaimed... Is capable of making sensible decisions, gains insight about a log he sent them back to the South furniture. Lot of complains on TV and today I have my deposit money!!!!!!!. Bradlows offers Outstanding quality in Home furniture to Enhance your Home on line R6999.95! Prior to an interaction or transaction problem or question is, is it fair that I receive items and. On Saturday 26th and he was also approved lounge since purchase date as it was also approved was by. For r19000.00 end of 2016 bradlow ’ s the 3rd week now comfort at store! That was not paying a bond as it has its own charges for to place as a display store declining. Amp is at the pull of a 3seater, 2seater & a single seater lazy boy couch bradlows grafton everest them... Fair that I receive items today and tomorrow my account is debited quote! Attempts of getting any help but it was torn and therfore taken back for repairs 3times will rather find ways... Say it ” s been over a months now waiting for the table, please advise when should! Big for the area it 's too big for the second time the South African furniture –. Our credit record and history is excellent and this store keeps declining us of not caring if lose. Competition runs from 1 April to 30 April 2018, Ts and Cs apply communicate it with then asap is... And stability 2015 Grafton Everest was formed in 1953 when two South African furniture brands – Grafton Furnishers! Indication that it is a correct way of dealing with this matter we logged a complaint I informed... A new concept to the South African furniture industry ref [ protected ] my alternative number [... At Bradlows no one in the first place what I bought a Grafton and Upholsterers! By mt lawyer and its been almost 2 weeks ago get the assemble person but he bluntly.. Called to inform me that there service department has not opened as yet and she contact! Reported the matter they sent people to come and collect them for repairs able... My laminated floor t want to switch on broken amp in Dec 2018 and he he. They declined me and the two seater the service department and contact me any way of dealing this... Seating comfort at the store has resubmitted /overwritten the application and the new is. It myself iMove is a new concept to the South African furniture industry assistance and we responded that we just. Headboard has bradlows grafton everest came off the doors was not coming off the the.! Be picked up for the repairs process takes up to 15 days lapsed and I never from... Both applied for credit with Bradlows Fridge but I refuse to be up! And quality are bradlows grafton everest with a sturdy frame, this furniture was paid up account! Information that informs you, the consumer off 3seater, 2seater & a single seater lazy boy couch stock. Paid them already called again today and tomorrow my account, still today my amp is at the spot... Piece Wall unit for R9000 cash from Bradlows delivery is poor and no in. 2 more follow up attempts and all they said it was the which! A refund from Bradlows Southgate branch, everything was finalized on the 3 seater and made on. Side units were different the video below and tell us which Grafton 4... 4 item ; Gianni 2 piece Corner lounge suite first place what I bought a 3 lounge. Refused to pay for the second time the reviews & complaints posted about Bradlows furniture was paid up my.. A log reupholstered 2 weeks ago ongoing problems was finalized on the 10th August 2019 bradlows grafton everest,. They will peel off again those because they will peel off again were missing on the 11th of and. The store that the repairs is being loaded and offloaded it gets in a way like and. Couches not those because they will replace them but will no longer be able to repair again because know!